Monday, June 16, 2008

the conqueror worm - fascination bleeds me alive

the conqueror worm was a screamo band from flint, michigan.

they were:
january 2002 - june 2002
chad hansen, kyle lavelle, jon bukiewicz, mark michalik, michelle lukezic
march 2004 - march 2005
vince moreno, chad hansen, kyle lavelle, mark michalik, michelle lukezic

r.i.p. march 2nd, 2005
year: 2005
from: flint, michigan
myspace: the conqueror worm

the conqueror worm - fascination bleeds me alive
1. six pints on the floor
2. a weakening of the knees
3. am i not merciful?
4. my public execution
5. headless people
6. 2¢ (you are your worst revenge)
7. we of macedon



Anonymous said...

thanks for this dude.its rly kickass!
toobad theyre dead and i cant find a shop to buy there any chance u can send me the d as wav ? my aim: sockischist

anthony said...

yeah, it's too bad they aren't together anymore.
I seen them play tons of shows though cause I'm from a city really close to where they are from. the guys/gal are all really nice too.

I don't have aim but I think you can just convert the songs to wav if you want.

michelle said...

Awesome. Found this by chance. Used to play bass in this band. It was alot of fun! -michelle

anthony said...

hey, michelle!
thanks for the great tunes/shows.
good times for sure.
hope all is well with you.


Chad said...

weird i found this by chance too...i played guitar. and it was fun! maybe a christmas time reunion???

hi michelle!

anthony said...

haha, right on.
i should make posts about more of my favorite bands that have broken up and maybe they will come and post here too and talk about reunions, haha.

i demand a reunion...

i think it was last year around halloween maybe i seen kyle singing with some band at a house show in the basement.

they wouldn't play any conqueror worm songs though, haha.

Anonymous said...

haha, a conqueror worm reunion show? when and where?

Sapila said...

Thanks for posting this... It's really good. Michelle & Chad, thank you for the great music.