Thursday, June 19, 2008

our space in time - in waves

The idea started in the winter of 2003. after the Mid-Michigan band ANASET broke up. The members went their separate ways. With Scott moving from bass to guitar/vocals, and Jason moving from keyboards to drums/vocals, they started playing with newcomer Brent on bass. A few friends came and went along the way, until Stevie joined on guitar in the summer of 2003. The 4 of them played together for over a year and released an EP titled "The Tokelau EP". Then in late 2004, Raul joined on drums, who was also the drummer in the former band, Anaset. Shortly after, the band added Bryon on guitar/vocals and Ashleigh on keyboard. Our Space In Time recorded at Key Club Studios in Benton Harbor, MI for a split 7" with Tristeza in Oct. of 2005. The yet untitled split should be coming out late spring 2007 on the Michigan label Hidden Feast Records. Their first full length titled "In Waves" was self-recorded by the band in the Berringer building in Saginaw, MI from Nov 2005 to July 2006. Jason switched to keyboards to play a few shows before deciding to quit the band in July 2006. Soon after, Ashleigh also decided to go in a different direction. They continue to play and tour as a five piece.

year: 2006
from: saginaw/bay city, michigan
myspace: our space in time

our space in time - in waves
1. intro
2. run, red runners, run
3. the future has been sold
4. aviation award
5. palestine
6. the human condition
7. goodbye for now, peg leg gregg pt. ii


the amputation - demo

Born from the ashes of The Conqueror Worm and hailing from Flint, MI, The Amputation was short-lived. It will, however, prove to have set the bar very high for many ensembles to come. The music and lyrics are tremendously morbid, with very creative transitions and phrases.

although this is only a two track demo it is definitely worth having. if you enjoyed the conqueror album I uploaded you will love this as well.

flint, michigan the amputation

the amputation - demo
1. confines of distance
2. off the red window sill


Monday, June 16, 2008

kid brother collective - kid brother collective

Kid Brother Collective was a rock band from Flint, Michigan. It consisted of Vince Moreno - guitar, Nate Humfleet - drums, Eric Allen -drums, Chris Everson - bass, Brandon Trammell - vocals and guitar, Mark Michalik - drums.

They were part of the growing local ‘emo’ scene of the time.

Kid Brother Collective played for many years between the late 90’s and early 2000s, mostly in the midwest, in particular Michigan.

year: 1998 (this album was re-released in 2001 with an extra song)
from: flint, michigan
myspace: kid brother collective

kid brother collective - kid brother collective
1. few and far between
2. same time next year
3. reflector
4. my flag flies at half mast
5. crackerjack
6. year of the locust
7. the small of her back


the conqueror worm - fascination bleeds me alive

the conqueror worm was a screamo band from flint, michigan.

they were:
january 2002 - june 2002
chad hansen, kyle lavelle, jon bukiewicz, mark michalik, michelle lukezic
march 2004 - march 2005
vince moreno, chad hansen, kyle lavelle, mark michalik, michelle lukezic

r.i.p. march 2nd, 2005
year: 2005
from: flint, michigan
myspace: the conqueror worm

the conqueror worm - fascination bleeds me alive
1. six pints on the floor
2. a weakening of the knees
3. am i not merciful?
4. my public execution
5. headless people
6. 2¢ (you are your worst revenge)
7. we of macedon